This is a fast pace, reaction co-op pvp game, where you and a friend will battle it out until a clear winner is found! You will race, shoot and capture throughout this game in different environments and mini-games. 

This game allows for Mouse and controller controls, however a controller and a friend will be necessary to play.

This game was made for JamGo Jam - JamDNA 6 (Criteria Information):

  • Endless Runner -> Endlessly being propelled by your cannon
  • Fantasy -> Ummmm No clue, forgot about it, (maybe the music on the main menu)
  • Devil May Care -> Reckless decisions may be made to defeat your opponent.
  • Epic Music -> Just listen to that tune on the title screen!

Install instructions

Extract the zip and run the .exe, simple as pie :D


Ball Fighter! - 28 MB

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