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WARNING - This project was discontinued a long time ago, I see people downloading it in my analytics quite often so I'm going to leave the project up. However this was my first game and it only contains a tiny prototype, please don't expect much from it, and it will probably never get updated. - Thank you and I hope you enjoy Golden Donkey Production's Games! :)


Survive - the world is against you, is a survival game made by one indie, under the name, GoldenDonkeyProductions. Well that is if you do count 'Sechab' which we tend to not. Anyway, back to Survive.

Survive at it's basic is a survival game in which you grow with the land and survive using nature. However there is the addition of the waves of zombies every night, determined to eat your brains who learn while you learn and gain more power.

With the addition of a cute, colourful, voxel art style this game, in my extremely biased opinion is much much better than Sechab... And this was written with still only 3 items in the game :)


Survive.zip 11 MB

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